Whether you are facing a new challenge in life, needing to talk with someone about issues impacting your mental health or perhaps you are seeking some counselling around a relationship, we are here to help.

HealthSpace Collective Services

Why choose us?

At HealthSpace Collective, our primary objective is to provide our clients with the highest standard of care in the most convenient and reliable way. We understand that it is often very difficult to find the right practitioner and level of care in your area. Often, clients are travelling long distances, experiencing lengthy wait times or simply going without the necessary care they need.

At HealthSpace Collective, we like to think we are one step ahead!

Because of our unique business model, we provide you with care from a range of highly skilled practitioners who are located all over Australia. Our clients are not restricted by their location, and neither are our practitioners.

We support you with a variety of care options in various methods and locations. We currently have practitioners in the Toowoomba region, Lockyer Valley region and on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. We are however, continually expanding and as a result will be increasing the services we provide.

We want to be able to provide care to our clients irrespective of their location, therefore all of our practitioners also provide their services via telehealth as an option. Telehealth services can be delivered via video or telephone at the client’s request. Telehealth is available to all clients who prefer this method and is particularly convenient for those who live in rural and remote areas, are unwell, time poor, have limited access to transport, care for a loved one and find it difficult to leave the home, prefer to avoid waiting rooms.

So whether you prefer face to face, video or phone therapy, we are here for you.

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