Jenni Salisbury

Director / Practice Manager

Jenni is the founder of HealthSpace Collective and is your first point of contact when you enquire with us. Jenni has over 15 years’ experience in business management and administration and over 7 years in Practice Management.

Jenni has managed leading Allied Health Clinics providing support to multi-modality teams within Allied Health, Mental Health, and Natural Health fields.

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Georgia Nichol

Relationship Therapist
BSW (hon) M Cpl & Rel Therapy Member of AASW, AAFT
Telehealth & Face to Face Consultations
(Peregian Beach, QLD)

Georgia is a trained and experienced practitioner with over 20 years qualified experience. Georgia has a Masters in Couple and Relationship Therapy and a Bachelor Degree in Social Work. Georgia offers counselling for relationships in all their forms.

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Diane Hanna

Consultant Psychologist

BA (Hons) HH Dip (A,Th) MAAPi

Hello my name is Diane Hanna. I’m a consultant psychologist, with over 19 years clinical experience in helping people to safely and effectively manage their symptoms, deal with personal crises and change, as well as achieve their goals and cope better.

Whether the issues are painful, confusing, or complex, I enjoy assisting clients getting unstuck and helping them move forward through their most challenging times

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Wendy Campbell


Bachelor of Arts Psychology, Graduate Diploma of Psychology

I work with clients aged 16 and over, supporting them through their anxiety, depression, stress, trauma (past and recent), grief and loss, and parenting issues. I believe in the importance of understanding my clients’ individual needs and developing a therapeutic plan tailored to them, helping them gain the best results from therapy.

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HealthSpace Collective can connect you with the practitioner that is best suited to your needs. Alternatively you can book with your preferred practitioner directly from our website.

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